Natural baby bedding with sound function.

Our goal is to help parents awaken the child's interest to fall asleep in his/herbed

How does it work?
Install the recognition software on your phone
and run it.
Point the camera lens at the QR code of the picture. The code is recognized automatically and will prompt you to open the sound.
The sound or fairy tale encrypted in the QR code will appear on the screen of the mobile phone and start playing.
By purchasing our products you get access to a library of sounds, fairy tales and stories.
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KAJKA is the production of children's bed linen made of 100% cotton with the ability to reproduce the voices of animals and fairy tales.

The idea of creating a talking bed linen originated from a parents of two children who know how much effort you need to put to put the kids to sleep.

We have not forgotten what the child wants:
  • The child should like it inhis/hercrib.
  • The child likes to look at the pictures on his/herblanket.
  • The child strives to constantly develop and learn new things.
  • The child likes to listen to fairy tales and visualize them with his/hereyes closed.

We are proud of our product
We use only natural fabrics made in Europe.
Satin fabric is absolutely natural, it is made of twisted cotton thread, which is woven in a certain way, allowing to obtain a high density and characteristic satin shine, without losing the softness and tenderness of the fabric.

We use only the author's approach to the development of drawings, recording sounds and fairy tales. We do not insert "chips" or "codes" in the bed linen. This technology of QR codes is absolutely safe. To play sounds and fairy tales you need to have a smartphone with an application to read the QR code.
In production we use only environmentally friendly textile raw materials and dyes. Production of bed linen takes place at the factory on an individual order. The Kayka complies with European quality standards. Our company also has ISO 9001 quality management system certificate.
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Listen now how do animals talk
Please bring your phone and read the QR code.
*** do not forget to download the appto read the QR code.
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